Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday Six: 3/28

If the Saturday Seven I did the day before was about me focusing my world around my run, Sunday's Six was about enjoying what fulfills me.  Everyone disappoints themselves from time to time, and recently I've been letting myself down more than I care to admit.  I've managed to come through on most of the big things.  But, I've been falling into an old pattern of focusing too much attention on things, which aren't important and getting overwhelmed by the trivial.  Everything sort of came to head this weekend, and I just decided that I wasn't really happy with my own behavior.  I internalize a great deal and easily become obsessive, which leads me to place greater importance silly things than they deserve. 

I created my blog as a way of trying to deal with issues caused by my weight loss struggles.  I didn't want to burden Hiroko with all the messy thoughts running through my head from day to day, and I figured that this blog could be where I worked through my thoughts till they were better organized and more palpable However, I got away from a lot of that by focusing upon the details of my workouts, which are really not important and kind of boring.  That is not to say that I don't see the value in recording my workout, but there is no need for an accurate detailing of the number of reps in each of my workouts.  What I want/need is to a place to process the mental side of these activities.  So on Sunday, I set out to recreate to my run from the day before in an attempt to better appreciate it.

I enjoyed Saturday's run and felt great for having done it.  I felt some pride but more so  was pleased for having done exactly what I set out to accomplish.  On Sunday, I wanted to relive it, but not focus as much on the running, but more on the place.  I wanted capture the feeling generated by Umstead and see myself enjoying a moment of happiness.  I wanted to share some images of where I run with Jessie and Irene, who often take the time to read and comment on my blog.  I wanted to share with them images of me enjoying this run, so I brought my camera along.  I wasn't at all concerned with my time.  Heck, I didn't even know if I would be able to run six miles the day after running seven.  Thirteen miles would easily exceeds my highest two day mileage total by around four miles.   Of course, I brought Old Bob, but I looked at him less on this run than I had on Saturday's.

It rained here in Raleigh sometime during the night and early morning and the temperature dropped from Saturday to Sunday.  It was around 38 degrees when I left for my run, which I have since decided is my ideal temperature to run in when wind is a non-factor.  I was cold enough for a jacket and my Raiders toboggan, but not so cold that I regretted wearing shorts.  The air had a dampness to it, but the rain held off for my entire run.  I only encountered a few runners during this run and the guy in the picture below was by far the most memorable.  He looked to be in his late 50's or early 60's, incredibly thin, and obviously a highly trained runner.  As I was plodding my way down Ready Creek Rd., he just torched past me effortlessly.  There was no traffic on the road and I was able to listen to the sound of his strides as he approached and went by me.  The differences between sounds of our footsteps was vast to say the least.   
Ghost of a good Chritsmas Future

I saw him again as I entered Umstead.  He had stopped to get some water and take off his jacket, and I said "hello again" as I passed where her stood.  A little while later, he scooted past me again as he mad his way down the trail, and said, "I guess we'll be doing this all day."  I smiled back, but we both knew that this would be the last time that we saw each other unless he were doing and out and back.  I enjoyed watching him glide past me because seeing him gave me hope that I might be running and enjoying it the way he obviously was in twenty or so years.  In a good way, I began to think of him as a Ghost of Christmas Future showing me what I could become if I worked hard enough.  This was a pleasant thought for me.  Not so long ago, I nearly gave up on myself and was nearly resigned to spending the es of my life well over 300lbs.  But, now I see a future where I co e the one d down a trail at 60.

After he was out of sight, I continued on down the multi-purpose trail.  I was on a different trail from the one, which I had run in the past because I didn't want to be able to gauge my progress by landmarks and start anticipating a turn, a hill, or a crossing.  This run need to be enjoyed and recognizing the landscape would only distract from that purpose.  I progressed along without giving any thought to pace, listening to the birds, and taking pictures as I went.  I even stopped long enough to take a picture with my camera's timer.

Self-timer shot.
After I entered Umstead, the multipurpose trail I was running along had gone mostly down hill.  And I knew that the return trip would be more difficult.  However, I did a fairly good job of keeping it from mind as I continued my run farther down the trail.  My legs were doing well, and my feet were holding up fine, which I was a little worried about because I hadn't taped before leaving that day.  I could feel my toboggan getting damp with sweat, but the air felt great against my skin and in my lungs. 
As I approached the three mile mark I fought off the temptation to extend my run, turned about, and headed back up the trial.  I didn't feel like I was falling off or slowing down as I made my way back up the trail.  The uphills were not nearly as pronounced as they were on the trail I ran Saturday.  The trail got steep in a few places but for the most part remained a slow steady progression upward.  I continued taking photos as I ran and was fairly shocked at how quickly I found myself back out on Ready Creek Rd. and heading back to my car.  The last mile was made easier by the sight of trees begining to bloom, geese sitting in one of the NC State University research pastures beside the road, and horses milling about.  Before long, I was back to my car and heading home having completed my run. 

When I got in I plugged in Old Bob and this is what he had to say:

6 miles in 1:03.45 at a 10:36 pace.
1 --9:53.69
2 --10:30.55
3 --11:06.42
4 -- 11.07.95
5 --10.03.45
6 -- 10.29.00

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  1. Those trails just look so wonderful and the blossoms on the trees, BEAUTIFUL and thanks for sharing!
    Sounds like a good run. I was thinking about that fellow you saw on the trail and that's a great vision for the future, but don't forget also that you, just like him, were out there running no matter how fit or fast that day. Keep on truckin' mister!
    Good job on the camera timer, I usually get my bum running back to sit down or pose...