Monday, March 28, 2011

Serotonin Dash: Thursday 3/24

By far the most interesting thing
that came up when I googled Serotonin
 I found myself in a bit a a dulldrum after having Wednesday off and having to return to work on Thursday.  By the time the Fleet Feet Social Run came around, I was waffling.  I could tell that Hiroko wasn't in the mood but would go if I went.  Eventhough I was glad that she was willing to go for me, I didn't want to make her go.  Knowing that she would enjoy it once she got there and started running wasn't enough to get me out the door for the run.  I stuggling mentally myself and need her to want to go as much as I did otherwise, I just couldn't do it, so I asked her if she wanted to skip, which she gleefully said yes.

This presented me with a new propblem, I still needed to run.  I had been in a progreesivly worse mood as the day progressed and I could litterally feel my Serotonin level's draining.  I needed to do something because if I sat around the apartment all night I new that I would just make myself frickin's Crazy!!!  Around 6:30 I told Hiro that I changed my mind and was going for a run.  I think that she knew that it was for the best.  I didn't want or need to do too much, just a couple of miles to burn off my mood.  I did the first two miles of the of a 5k course I'll be running in the spring.  I figured that this would help me get a feel for that course and work up enough of a sweat that I would spend the night hating myself for eating Hiroko's leftover birthday cake I was sure to but a hurting on as soon as I enter the house. 

I did 2:21 in 20:06.97

Mile 1: 8:53.78
Mile 2: 2 9:22.33
Last . 21: 1:50.86 for an 8.58 pace.

 By the way here is a link to Science Geek Tattoo Emporium for you enjoyment.

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  1. Always interesting to see other folks' tattoos!
    Great job for getting out! Hope that a blissful fun is on your horizon : )