Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Run Angry! You Gotstobe Kiddin': 3/17

I have spoken before about how prior to my run I might sometimes come across as a etsy bitsy intsy weensy bit anti-social, which is kind out of place at a . . . um . . . social run.  I've suspected for awhile that because I don't talk all that much before my run and am a ginormous guy that people tend to wonder if I'm going to loose it, go into some crazy Frankenstein "Fire bad!" freak out, and smash shit.  Well, on Thursday Hiroko kept asking me if I was alright before the Fleet Feet Social Run.  I was fine for the most part, a little put off by the smoking ashtray right outside the store, but other than that no problem.

However, I started to wonder that if my own wife thinks I look pissed, then the rest of the people must be of the opinion that I am teetering on the cusp of a total mental breakdown.   I know that after about the first mile, I'll often begin talking, and by the end of run I'll be downright chatty, but before a run . . . it just isn't happening.  I need to focus because when I just bebop into a run is when the injury bug is going to hit.  I am keenly aware that people my size are not really cut out for distance running, and according to Yahoo!, the Heaviest man to ever complete a Marathon until a 400 sumo wrestler did it (in Nine hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds), was a guy 275 pounds, which is about my current weight.  I know what you're thinking: damn Greg, there goes your chance at a record! That I shouldn't take things so seriously.  And, I shouldn't.  Maybe it is because I am a Cancer, and we internalize everything, or perhaps it is because I was an only and am not properly socialized, I don't know.  I do know that running is my release.  My frustrations, petty grievances, rages against a world that I don't really get, and fears that I wasted the best years of my life watching M*A*S*H reruns instead of living, all melt away for a little while as the miles click off.  Therefore if you happen to see me before a run, and  I look like William Foster trying to get breakfast at Whammyburger 11:37 don't be alarmed because I am about to go for a nice little run and sort myself out.

Thursday's cathartic little run was3.01 hilly little miles which I did in  28:15.42 for a 9:23 pace.

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  1. Running is different for us all and whatever works for you. I am another who was always told I didn't have a "runner's build" meaning you look like a sasquatch how/why are you out here running. Bollox, I say! I DO now have a mental picture of you/Frankenstein loosing your crap, he he.