Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wendnesday Two-a-Day Sports Conditioning Double Dip: 3/9

Over the last few weeks, I have begun to add more two-a-days into my workouts.  I know fitness people have strong opinions on two-a-days with some people swearing by them and others thinking that the risks out weigh the rewards.  I have nothing really educated to say on the matter.  When it comes to my workouts, I am kind of subscriber to the Doctor Emmett Brown Zany Scientist approach: I read a lot of idea, listen to people, try things out, and come up with my best ideas after slipping off the toilet. 

My point is that, I have my reasons for following my workout regiment, but I am not sure if it is the best idea ever.  My main goal is to push myself as hard as I can without injuring myself.  I am always open for suggestion, and I am pretty susceptible to peer pressure, so if you have any ideas or dastardly plans you feel like sharing, please give me a shout!  The main concern for me is to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I have lost some weight and done good work, but I am not satisfied with my results or attitude of late.  I hope that doing two-a-days, taking different classes, and trying new forms of exercise that I will be able to meet my goals without burning out or breaking down. 

A few people at the Y have started to notice that I do two-a-days either because of comments from instructors or because they switch between AM and PM classes from week to week and upon seeing me will ask if I missed the morning class.  Most times, they will compliment me on my dedication or talk about me being hardcore.  I won't lie, at first I liked it a little, but now it makes me uncomfortable because I there isn't anyway to express to them the desperation behind my efforts.  I am so filled with regret and frustration for letting myself get to this point and for not having enough self-respect to change my life before now that I am willing to do crazy two-a-days not because I am hardcore, but because my 20's are long gone, my 30's are fading fast, and God knows that I don't want to hit 40 with my ass this large! 

So here is last Wednesday's "Hardcore" regret and shame induced two-a-day:

I rode Frankenbike to the gym in the morning for Holly's Sports Conditioning class.  We did an all out track run for 6 minutes.  Our goal was to try to get as close to a mile a we could.  The track at the gym is 15 laps for one mile, and I completed 11 laps.  Not sure what that pace would, but it wasn't important for what we were doing.  We then did six stationary exercises for one minute each, then ran again for three minutes with the goal being to do more than half of what we had achieved in 6 minutes.  I completed just over 6 laps in 3 minutes.  Following this we stationary exercises for the remainder of the class.   I then Rode Frankenbike home and then to work.

After work, I returned to the gym for Holly's boot camp, which was basically intervals.  We rotated through groups of exercises doing each one for 1 minute.  This class did not have as much space, so we were not able to incorporate that much running, but we did run suicides, carioka's, side shuffles, and some stairs.

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