Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sports Conditioning: Yeah Sprints . . . Monday Marh 7th

The title of this post is not intended to be read sarcastically.  I honestly enjoy sprints.  No joke . . . Have you ever seen the movie Wild Cats?  Coach McGrath's only way to get her players to show up for practice was to tell that there would be a scrimmage the next day.  Well, I am sort of like that about sprints.  If you want me to show up to an exercise class, just tell me that we are going to do sprints, suicides, or something like that, and I will be there with bells on.  I am not fast at all.  But, I have always enjoyed a good all out sprint.  You know the kind that give you that dizzy feeling and leave you gasping for air.  I know . . . sounds crazy, huh, but I shit you not.  I love sprints . . . never wanted to be a sprinter at any time in my life, just enjoy a good sprint.  So while rest of the people in my class were sort of mailing in their sprints at 5:45am on a Monday morning, want to venture a guess at just who was making a jackass of himself and runnin' flat out across the gym.  That's right, yours truly!! 

Holly was our instructor for this class, which made it fairly hardcore.  I've taken her circuit class before and enjoyed it eventhough I am not that fond of stationary classes.  This class did not have that problem.  The class broke into two groups with one group running sprints and the other group doing stationary exercises like push ups and sit ups.  We sprinted down the long end of the gym then walked the short side and then repeated the process until it was time to switch.  Most of the class seemed to be content to just run a little briskly then do a jog, but I embraced my inner jackass and busted out the sprints. The groups switched after 3 minutes.  After both groups completed this set we switched from sprints to stairs and repeated the process.  We did lunges up the stairs for 3 mins. then switched again.  We alternated our cardio exercises between the sprints and stairs and changed up the stationary exercises throughout the class.  I am fair certain I was the only one that actually enjoyed the sprints.  In fact, Holly actually commented on it at the end of class.  This class was just what I needed following my race. 

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  1. It's good to know that some folks out there like sprints and well done! I myself have pretty much one speed and have agreed to disagree with the blasted sprints : )