Sunday, March 6, 2011

Too Pretty Out to Stay In & Too Tired to Run Worth a Damn: 2/27

76 degrees outside.  How the hell could I stay inside and not feel like a worthless sack of poo.  So, despite the fact that this was suppose to be a rest day.  I spent all morning thinking about going for a run.  Around mid-afternoon one of my neighbors told that it was suppose to rain Monday night, and the clinched it.  I was dressed and ready to run.  However, my body felt like hell and I ran like hell.  I even got lost . . . twice . . . I slogged through it at a wretched pace, but I was glad to be outside.  76 degrees . . . it was like the Sirens song leading me to the rock! 

I did 3.79 in 41:11.24 for 10:51 pace.

When I got home I just too a long shower, sat down to watch a hocey game and laughed about it. 


  1. It is hard to stay home on a rest day when it's nice outside. Especially when it's JUST starting to be nice, cabin fever...

  2. I know, right! And I feel like if I pass on a great day like that the running gods will smite me with all kind of crazy injuries!

  3. Well I hope that your next run is a stellar one, nonetheless!