Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday Fleet Feet (Anti-) Social Run: 3/3/11

I didn't really set out to be anti-social, but the star aligned and I just went with it.  Fleet Feet was hosting the pre-race packet pick up for the Run Green 8k on the 5th, so I think a lot of the regulars just stayed away because of the traffic, but that's just a wild guess.  Regardless of the reason, I was the only person running a my pace and distance for the run.  There was a big group of people doing 11 min. miles and a couple of guys doing 9 min. miles, who were planning to run between 5-7 miles.  I planned to run 4 miles at around 9 min pace, so I decided to tag along with the guys going for the longer run for a bit. 

My sinuses were less of a problem than earlier in the week.  I had been rocking the nasal decongestants and was finally feeling something akin to normal (or as close as I get).  I felt better than I had at anytime in the last week, so with a race just a few days away. It was time for me to try pick up my pace a bit and prove to myself that I could challenge my 8k PR this weekend.  I didn't want to do anything stupid during this run, but I also wasn't looking to mail it in either.

After hitting the half mile mark I started to pull away from the two guys that were planning to run longer than I planned.  This wasn't bad form in my mind because we were going to split off at the mile and a half mark regardless.  I was just feeling the need to test my legs.  I wanted to go after my 8k PR, which I thought I could challenge depending upon the course.  I ran on a very cold day when I set it and it took a long time for my legs to warm up, also I was in the midst of my overall Fall Fitness Land Slide!  Currently, I have not returned to my peak fitness level, but I am moving in the right direction, which provided me with some optimism going into the race. 

As I passed the Mile mark, I felt like I had hit a good pace a really wanted to work at maintain it.  Over the next two miles I tried focus on my stride and not allow myself to back down.  I knew that over the last mile I would need to back off a bit because of the climbs that were involved there.  But over these to miles I really didn't want to get complacent or lost in my thoughts.  I ignored everything but the road and traffic around me and just pushed myself forward.  I wanted to run just shy of race pace and felt like I was doing just that.  Also, I was running without my I-pod, which I have been leaving at home recently because I know that it is bad form to wear it in races, and some of the races that I have been registering for have had bans on them, so I just thought that it was time to shed the I-pod.  Surprisingly, I didn't miss it.  And, I was able to keep my pace under 9 mins, which was right where I wanted it. 

The last mile was basically all incline so I backed of a little to spare my achilles and feet any unnecessary strain just before my race.

I ran 4 miles in 36:56.49 for a 9:13 pace, which was close enough to the 9 minute mile I would need if I wanted to get near my 8k PR of 44:44 . . . It looks pretty, but I wanted to see it fall!

Mile 1 8:54.05
Mile 2 8:22.58
Mile 3 8:58.61
Mile 4 10.39.48


  1. Way to go, fast pants! Hope that you feel great and burn it down this weekend.

  2. Thanks! These posts are a week behind . . . the race was last weekend, and I am working on the race report. But, I'll let you know now that it went well!