Thursday, March 24, 2011

nOg Run March 21 -- Hurt

Johnny Cash's version of Hurt could easily serve as my personal theme song for Monday's nOg run. I didn't sustain any injury during or after the run, but I hurt throughout. One of my quirks is that I am annoyingly prompt. I can't stand to be late! Seriously, I Fucking HAAAAAAAAAATE IT! I grew up the only child of a single mom who has been late for every single thing she has had to do since May 14th, 1957. I know that is like 20 odd years before my birth, but by all family accounts the date is correct (love ya mom). So, I was late for everything from birth to age 18, and were are not talking 5 minutes here either. So, now I am annoyingly prompt! I have no problem showing up a the airport three hours before a flight. Love it! Really, I can't describe the feeling pleasure and comfort an early arrival provides me.

So, running late and having to drive across Raleigh at rush hour to make the nOg Run had my panties in just a bit more than a bunch on Monday. I got there 3 or 4 minutes early and just before I was about to start hyperventilating and breakout in hives. The weather was perfect and Hiroko was going to walk with her friend from work again this week, which meant I was on my own again and could spend the run recovering form my near tizzy.

I was all kinds of worked up and went out too fast, but was to fucking stubborn/stupid, take your pick or don't, to back down. Also, all of the traffic signals were going my way, which never frickin happens for me, so I wasn't going to risk pissing on the gods of traffic by not taking full fucking advantage of the situation. I did the first mile in 8:25.52, only three seconds off from the first mile of my last race. Can anyone say dumb ass!

Anyway, the Second mile would make me regret this in a bad way. This is going to get a little bit TMI, but I think moist runners can handle it. A few night back before my last rest day I asked Hiroko to make some tacos because I love tacos, but tacos are unkind to me, so I wanted to eat them before a rest day. Well we had some leftover taco meat that Hiroko was saving in the fridge. She decided to add the leftover taco meat to some leftover pasta we had without telling me. I took the pasta to work with me on Monday and ate it for lunch. That taco meat kicked in right at the start of the second mile. Let's just say I was gas powered from that point on. Also, when I get gassy the pains will manifest themselves just about anywhere in my torso that the damn well please and by a mile and a half into the nOg run the pain was right between my heart and left arm pit. I truly thought I was going to die! But . . . . here is the kicker . . . other than gas pains from hell . . . I am having a monster run, so guess what has two thumbs, won't be eatin' tacos for the rest of 2011, and was too dense to back down . . . that's right . . .

This Guy!

So, I endured the next mile which I did in 9:14.99.

By the last .83 I was hurt . . . hurt . . . .hurt! I couldn't wait to stop and ways praying for every light to turn red in front of me, so I would have to stop for traffic. The pain in my chest . . . um . . . passed . . . if you catch my drift, but my stomach was un-trilled by the whole running thing. By the time, I finished . . . I wasn't sure if innards were actually still in their proper configuration and just wanted to go home and catch up on me magazine reading! I did the last .83 in 7:18.44 for an 8.49 pace.

I did the whole 2.83 in 24:58.95, and when I got home Hiro told me that she put the taco meat in the pasta because she thought I was just blaming the tacos, and if I didn't know the taco meat was in the pasta nothing would happen! Ha!


  1. Too funny, I also blame my neurosis about promptness on my mum, whom I love dearly. Many a swim practice did I sit for over half an hour, waiting and waiting...
    Man, sorry about your taco meat escapade. Can definitely say I've been there though. Hopefully onward and upward for you from here : )

  2. Jessie, I even walked home once, which made her livid! But, I just got sick of waiting all the time.