Saturday, September 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: 9/12

After the Great 8 on Sunday, I wanted to run . . . mentally.  Physically . . . I was happy for a cross training day.  I could have run, but it just wouldn't have been wise in the slightest.  I went back to the 12 Days rather than attempting a 900.  Training for the Half Marathon has put a much needed goal out there for me to focus upon.  I have even gotten to the point where my cross training days are somewhat enjoyable.  Granted cross training, for the runner, has the same effect that a doses of methadone does for a heroin addict. It can stabilize patients by mitigating opioid withdrawal syndrome but it can't get you high . . . at least not in the same way!

12 Days

  1. 30 Second Planks
  2. Lap around the indoor track (1/15 of a mile)
  3. Fire Hydrants
  4. Bird Dogs
  5. Push ups
  6. Bicycles
  7. Dips
  8. Side oblique crunches (each side)
  9. Russian Twists (with 6lb weighted ball) 
  10. Hammer Curls 12lbs weight
  11. Flutter Kicks
  12. Triceps Curl 12lbs weight

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