Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pink Shamrock 5k Race Report in Pictures: 9/24

The corral was rather small, but still
 the race seemed to get off without any issues

The First Annual Pink Shamrock 5k was held in down town Raleigh on Saturday evening to benefit the 1 in 9 cancer organization, which made this race a must in my fall race schedule.  The Race would be taking place in the evening and close to where in some of the most scenic areas of Raleigh.  However, this would also make a rather muggy evening and a hilly course.  Still, I couldn't pass up the race a decided to just use it as a training run for my Half Marathon rather than an all out race.  Therefore, I decided to carry a camera so that I could snap some picks as an unofficial in race camera person.  Hiroko didn't run in the race came to cheer and also took some photos.  I am really glad I made this choice because I was feeling kind of sick even before the race started.  I was having a lot of tooth pain, which I was using clove oil to dull the pain.  Unfortunately, my stomach doesn't tolerate  clove very well, so by the time the race began, I was suffering from a tooth ache (which I would later find out was due to an infection) and was just a little queasy.  Let's just say, finishing this race was a personal victory in it's own right.  This was by far my worst race, but I ran the entire race, didn't get sick, and took a few good photos!  Winning!
Nice little hill to start the race.  Actually the whole
 first mile was nearly all uphill
Front runners at the start

Running in green with my shorts riding up.
  Not a great start Greg!

It was a bit muggy, but the sun was shinning!

Still in Mile 1

Took this one over my soulder near the quarter
 mile mark maybe?

Still Feeling alright at this point

Another over the shoulder shot at abot the half mile mark.  I was trying not to go out too fast
but on this day anything was too fast.

one of the older homes on Hillsborough street can be seen in the background

Raleigh is still a small town at heart

Live Strong . . .yes.  But, I am hurting here!

Just after the H2o station aand I am crushed!

Lots of great supporters and volunteers for this race!

Thanks for the support !
Last hill and . . . I just want it to end.  I am gutting it out.
My tooth is killing me, have a headache, and wouldn't mind getting sickat all!

I'm melting!

No sprinting to the finish in this race!

Look and feel rough after this race. 
3.1 in 29:15 for a 9:21 pace
1 8:26
2 9:23
3 10:11

At the end of it all.  I am still glad that I ran this race,  It was rough, but our bad days are what make our good days all the more sweet!


  1. That "Live" shot where you are out of focus is freaking AWESOME. Well done on the 5k on a hottt day!

  2. Yeah! I really liked that pic too. I got lucky on that because I think it was a complete accident.