Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post Chili & Pre Work Six Miler: 9/22

Hiroko makes a mean chili.  Really, it is awesome -- it was one of the first things she ever cooked for me and  . . .  well . . .you know the old saying.  Anyway, the weather is getting colder and Hiro and I both started wanting warm foods, but eating this chili the night before you plan to get up a 4:30am to run six miles before work -- NOT the best idea ever.  Added into the mix was the fact that this would be the longest distance I have ever run before work, and most days when I run six miles or more, I am in need of a nap.  So . . . Let's just say that Thursday was a rather difficult day for Greg all around.

The run was alright until the last two miles and then my stomach got to working and hurting.  Running in the predawn hours was awesome as always.  After the run, I felt like pretty awful and work just sucked beyond all belief.  The day just wouldn't end, and I felt like total hell before it was over.  Even though it was a nice day, I ended up asking Hiroko to come pick me up from work rather than ride Frakenbike home!  Still, I did actually enjoy the run and felt a real sense of accomplishment throughout the day.

6 miles in 1:04:34 for a 10:45 pace

1 11:03
2 10:30
3 10:26
4 11:03
5 10:48
6 10:41

I stole this video from bob

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  1. I HATE it when I eat the wrong thing, boo! Sorry and sorry that it was a rough day after. Good job though!

    I think at some point in time, I've looked like all of those runners in the video and maybe even creating my own weirdness : )