Monday, September 19, 2011

Digging Deep 900: 9/14

I am halfway through my 10 week Half Marathon Program, and I have maintained a pretty even level of enthusiasm for both my runs and my cross training.  I've been doing more cross training than might seem necessary for most people.  But, following a summer that saw me spend more days in the Doctors office than the gym.  I need to hit the cross training hard.  Wednesday, I was having a bad mental day when it came to the gym.  I was physically pretty tired, but mentally, I had no energy for the gym.  I just wanted to lay on the floor and whine about how tired I felt.  However, I force myself to attempt a 900.  the first Round was gad awful and had me regretting my stubbornness with each rep.  After the first round, I though about calling it a day. 

But as I sat on my mat sweating, I began to think about all the times that I had given up on a workout like this and how I had always regretted it later.  So I picked that thought of didn't make me puke and did them.  25 crunches later, I looked at my list saw 50 Push ups and said to myself, "FUCK NO!"  "How about 10?"  So after 10 pushups I said to my self "How about 20 dips?"  The reply came quickly, "Fine! But still, FUCK YOU!"  After the dips, I thought, ok, what about 10 more push ups?  The response, "Fine, But you're a Dick!"  And so I went on like this, digging deep and cussing myself until I had completed the second round of 300 reps.  By the end I was happy that I had pushed myself to go father than my mind wanted to go.  I couldn't push forward into the third round, but on this day I had done enough. 

The 900

5 laps
20 dips
50 Push ups
25 Bicycles
25 Side Lateral Crunches (each side)
50 Supermans
15 Russian Twists 6lb Ball
10 Pull ups (assisted)
50 Arm Extensions
25 Flutter Kicks
25 Standard Crunches

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