Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 900: 9/7

I changed up my cross-training exercises a bit due to some soreness in my calf that was most likely the result of poor form on my squats and leg raises.  I tend to have sloppy technique on those exercises and right now is just not the time to be getting leg strains, so those exercises are out.  I chose to do a 900 on Wednesday because would need and extra rest day this week for a race on Saturday.  The 900 is  packs more of a punch than the 12 days workout, which is why I decided to do it.  The workout went well, but left me sore for a few days.  Once again I did not hit the 900 hundred reps and only reached 600 hundred in an hour:


5 Laps
20 Dips
50 Push ups
25 Bicycles
25 Side Lateral Crunches (each side)
25 Fire Hydrants
25 Bird Dogs
15 Russian twists (6lbs weighted ball)
10 Pull Ups (assisted)
25 Standard Crunches
50 Arm Extensions
25 Flutter Kicks

I completed two sets.  My Pecs hated me!  Here is another of my favorite running songs.

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