Monday, September 26, 2011

Last 900 For a While: 9/19

It is getting close!  Under 30 days until my first Half Marathon, and I know that I am in the freakout danger zone.  My mind is guaranteed to start racing well before I ever get a whiff of the starting line.  It is unavoidable.  But, I need to be careful because mixed up in the mad scrabble of paranoia, doubt, self loathing, and fear that run ramped through my brain in the next few weeks.  There will be some very real reasons for concern of which I need to be aware.  And as I wrote in my last post over training must be at the top of my list.

The temptation for people to push a bit harder or do a bit more because there big race is so close is pretty common, but it is a trap -- plain and simple.  I have been following a plan for the last two months to get me to point where running 13.1 miles with confidence and as little chance of injury as possible.  It may seem like adding in an extra workout or pushing a little harder on a run might make me stronger, but in reality -- the best thing that I can do is stick with my plan.  If anything, I need to ease up a bit because nearly all of my optional rest/cross training days have fallen on the Cross Training side rather than the rest.  I have no plan to take my foot off the gas and coast in these last few weeks.  That's unthinkable, silly, and just not who I am in the slightest.  But, I need to make wise choices.  Therefore, I decided that this will be my last 900 workout (which is really only a 600) until after the race.  I will continue to cross train, but will do the 12 Days of Christmas workout rather than the 900.

The Workout:
I did two sets.

5 Laps
20 Dips
50 Push ups
25 Bicycles
15 Pull Ups
35 Side Laterals
40 Super Mans
40 arm Extensions
20 Russian Twists with 6lbs weighted ball
25 Standard Crunches
25 Flutter Kicks

The workout went really well, but left me very tired.  I am getting better at the bicycles and the Side laterals, which makes me very happy.  The Super Mans were the worst exercise for me this time.


  1. That's a great xtrain workout! Try not to get too stressed out about the race, you've put in time and training and have an excellent base. Focus on staying healthy and maintaining until then and you will rock the hell out of it come race day!

  2. Morgan,

    Thanks. I am feeling good about it, but you know as it get closer . . . the mind start to go a little sideways at times.