Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Morning McDonald's Workout: July 21st

I am afraid that I am bound to turn into one of those old men that gets up well before dawn and has jack squat to do, so he goes and hangs out a McDonald's, drinking coffee that is the same temperature as molten lava, and complaining about life with other bored old geezers that can't sleep.  This fear is part of the reason why I have fully embraced working out early in the morning.  Because I'm just not that social or good with name, and those gripe circles just look they take a level of commitment to social interaction that I am pretty sure I'm incapable of maintaining.  Granted those old bastards all seem to hate people, a trait I both share and admire, but for some reason they congregate together to share their disdain for the human race and talk sports, while prefer sit alone in my fantasizing of world devoid of Steve Doocy, reality TV, and text messaging ,where people bike everywhere, and high Fructose corn syrup is considered a toxic poison.  People might be think that the gym is a social place, so what's the difference?  Well, it is a social place and I do interact with people, but with the help of my i-pod, I am able to limit the nature of those interactions and whittle them down to a level that I can handle.  So the gym is my firewall against becoming the a bitter old McDonald's early morning curmudgeon.  There is real difference is here because as a kid, I just dreaded finding myself old as dirt and waiting to die in the McDonald's at butt crack of dawn. And, at least if I am a the gym I'll feel like I am fighting against death as oppose to waiting for it

Anyway, here is the results of today's workout:

2 laps -- Frog
20 laps -- Crawl

Abs -- Bicycles 50
       -- Crunches 50
       -- Crossover Crunches 50 each side
Rehab -- Calf Raises 10 each leg

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