Friday, July 16, 2010

Weds July 14th: More time in the H2o and some abs

The heel felt a lot better on Weds.  I woke up pain free and stayed that way most of the day.  Also, the chest infection felt much better, some coughing in the morning but for the most part, no problems.  However, Tuesday, I was sore as hell from the lifting and swimming.  It had to take the day off because I could hardly lift my arms above my head, which is a really good sign that I need to make these changes.  I put some under worked and overlooked muscles to good use.  Wednesday morning I was looking forward to swimming that I just popped right out of bed.  The soreness was still there from the day before, but it wasn't that bad once I got in the water.

The workout:
2 Laps: Frog
25 Laps: Crawl
3 Laps : Frog

50 Bicycles
50 Crunches
100 Cross over crunches 50 L & 50 R
25 Bird Dogs

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