Friday, July 2, 2010

Weds. June 30th Sprots Conditioning Class -- What I needed and didn't need

I wanted to go to this class because I needed some ab work.  Also, I thought that this would be good for my Achilles because this class doesn't require that much running or a lot of stairs.  However, I forgot that sometimes we do tons of calf raises, which really work your Achilles.  Of course, that is exactly what we did . . . tons of calf raises!!!  The abs portion was fine, as were the other exercise, but the calf raises really put too much strain on my heel.  I iced both of them right after the class and did a lot of stretching, but as the day went on my heels felt like they were on fire.  I even had to get one the ice pack out of an old first aid kit in the afternoon and put it on my heels.  On my hay home from work, I stopped and got an ankle brace, which is suppose to help with the healing process.   I put it on when I got home and ice my heels some more, and they improved a lot as the night went on, but I know that I need to change what I am doing and give time for recuperation. 

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