Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What did I tell you: Sunday--25th of July

So just one day after laying out my recovery plans for the next week, what did I do?  Yep . . . I chucked it all and ran.  Why?  Because I am an idiot.  Seriously, I am a dumb ass!!!  I'm frustrated, and I want to be running so much.  Plus ,I am getting bored with swimming and weights and want to get back to taking classes.  Even though I know that I will have to avoid plycore while they are on their current stairs kick, I still want to rejoin the classes.  So, on Sunday I got to the gym and all of the treadmills were taken.  So, I started to do yet another 12 days workout, reaching day 6 before I just got fed up.  I just kept watching all of the people running and think damn I would give anything to be doing that right now!  Then something two tempting to pass up happened.  Two treadmills opened up on either side of one of the strongest runners at the Y.  Now, I am the type of person that likes to find treadmills that are next to really strong runners, so that I can feed of of their pace while I am running. 

I don't have to know them, in fact I don't even care who they are or anything about them as long as they don't stink.  It is the rhythm of their pace that just takes hold of me.  All of my best runs on the treadmill have been when the person beside was just pounding it out.  I can't stand to be running next to the person that is just walking and god forbid they are the person that thinks it is all right to pull out their cell phone!!!!!!!!  One: talking on the cell phone while working is a gym faux pas, and Two: the person, who does it needs to avoided because they are a douchebag.  Anyway, I had been thinking that I should test out the progress of my Achilles in hopes that I was being overly cautious.  And as I said when those two treadmills opened up on either side of such a strong runner, I just couldn't resist.  I mean this girl is fierce!  Even as I got on the treadmill, I knew that this was a bad idea, but I told myself that I would limit myself to just one mile, because even though I am an Idiot, I am not dumb!  Also, on one of the blogs that I follow: Happiness . . . One Mile at a Time.  is by a person, who has injured her Achilles and has gone into detail about her rehab, and I knew that she was limited to one mile for her first run, so I thought that sticking to one mile would be good for my first run as well.  Also, I am at about the same point of time that she was when she was allowed to run.  Also, her injury was much worse than mine.  These were all the excuse that I kept telling myself for being a total dolt.  So, I ran my mile, and it felt great to be running!  Every pore just erupted with sweat, and my legs were just loving it.  However, I couldn't really get focused, because I was worrying about my Achilles and tracking the distance.  My Achilles felt alright but not spectacular.  Afterwards I couldn't tell if they were just sore from inactivity or if I had done any damage.  After awhile, I was able to tell that most of the discomfort that I felt in Achilles was from rubbing my heal raw.  However, no matter how hard I tried, I could ignore that my left Achilles felt pretty sore.  I didn't feel as bad as it had before, but there is no denying that this is not how a healthy Achilles should feel.  I am going to have to wait to run again.  And this time, I fully intend to not be a nimrod and wait until Monday to run another mile.

The Workout

1 Burpee
2 Mt. Climbers 1 Burpee
3 Bird dogs 2 Mt. Climbers 1 Bird dog
4 Crunches 3 bird dogs 2 Mt. Climbers 1 Burpee
5 Lunges (each leg) 4 Crunches 3 bird dogs 2 Mt. Climbers 1 Burpee
6 Prisoner Squats 5 Lunges (each leg) 4 Crunches 3 bird dogs 2 Mt. Climbers 1 Burpee

1 Mile Run on the Treadmill

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