Thursday, July 29, 2010

Injuries Breed Doubts, Questions, and Rationalizations: July 27th Toning Class

I went to the Tuesday afternoon Toning class after work.  I've been going through class withdraw and thought that this class would be alright to attend because it is very stationary.  The only problem that I could foresee were the warm up Jumping Jacks (which I did, not a good idea), and a few other warm up exercises that I replaced with heel raises.  However some of our stretching also called for us to stretch out our calf muscles and achilles, which I thought was good for me at the time, but now the doubts are setting in.  Seriously, there is this deary fog of doubts, questions, speculations, and desperate rationalization that has sett in upon my every thought regarding my workouts and achilles.  Combined with this extended heat wave that we have had over the last month, and it seems like it might be just enough to snap the last few frail twigs of my sanity.  It feels like all I do now is think about my achilles questioning whether this exercise is going to hurt it, is pain from my exercise or are my socks too tight, or is should I ice my leg or put muscle cream.  Worse than that all of these questions are the stupid rationalizations that I come up with for why I am doing one type of treatment over another or why I chose to wear my ankle brace or not.  It's truly enough to give my a headache, and then when I get a head ache, I start to wonder an I having a stoke or a complex migraine with an aura because I read a funny story on a Blog I follow: because the crazy is all part of my charm.  Really, it enough to make me daffier than Daffy Duck back when he was still daffy and not just surly, like he is now!  God!  ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! 

Ok . . . I think I need to find my happy place, so I am going to wrap this post up and head over to the Oakland Tribune Website, so that I can feed my Raiders Obsession and read about training camp.  So let me finish by saying that the toning class went well after the warm up (I think, maybe, who knows anymore?), and I could tell that all of the lifting that I have done has increased my strength.  I used 10lbs dumbbells and the 18lbs body bar.  I was able to do all of the exercise at the most difficult levels.  Also, the Bicycle were no problem at all was really pleased with the class.

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