Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Annoyingly Half Full -- Monday July 26th

By Monday morning, it was pretty undeniable that my right Achilles had held up to my exercise in self-destructive stupidity better than my left.  My left Achilles felt sore, almost in the manner that a muscle that had been worked too hard would, but the nature of the soreness doesn't really matter at this point.  What counts is that my Achilles is clearly not fully recovered and needs more time.  Unfortunately, there is a 5k that I had wanted to run with some co-workers in about three weeks, and this injury really puts that plan in jeopardy.  At this point, I am holding out little hope that I will be able to resume running next week, which has got me feeling some frustrations, but I know that am benefiting from the lifting that I've been doing.  The Scales have remained about the same, but I am lifting more and I am able to do more of the standard exercises, like push ups and bicycles than previously. 

Since, I am annoyingly optimistic person , truly--I even annoy myself at time with my persistent glass is half-full attitude.  As an aside, many people mistake my penchant for sarcasm and dry sense of humor for a gloomy pessimistic nature, but those people don't know my Cancerian ways!  Therefore, since I am desperately optimistic I have concluded that dealing with this injury will be good for my mental toughness when it comes to long distances, when I get to the point where I can run something longer than a 5k or 10k.  I just can't help but think that managing this nagging and frustrating Achilles will help me at some point when I am running and find myself in a bad way.  I am sure that the knowledge that I was able to realizes that this problem is temporary and will pass will aid me through some future mental struggle, who knows maybe I am just wanting to find the silver lining.  Anyway, on Monday morning I was back to lifting rather than swimming.  I am a little tired of smelling like chlorine, so I planned to take some time away form the pool over the first part of the week.

The Workout:
Dumbbell Press:
12 reps @ 30lbs
10 reps @ 35lbs
8 reps @ 40lbs
6 reps @ 45lbs
12 reps @ 30lbs
Dumbbell incline Press: 12 reps @ 35 lbs.

Pull ups:
12 reps @ level 20 assistance
10 reps @ level 19 assistance
8 reps @ level 18 assistance
6 reps @ level 17 assistance
12 reps @ level 20 assistance
One Armed Dumbbell Rows 12 Reps @ 30

Seated Dumbbell Press:
12 reps @ 25lb
10 reps @ 30lbs
8 reps @ 35lbs
6 reps @ 40lbs
12 reps @ 25lbs
Front  Raises:
12 Reps @ 15 lbs

Alternating Dumbbell Curls:
12 reps @ 25lbs
10 reps @ 30lbs
8 reps @ 35lbs
6 reps @ 40lbs
12 reps @ 25lbs
Concentration Curls:
12 reps @ 25lbs

12 reps
10 reps
8 reps
6 reps
12 reps
Lying Triceps Press (two handed):
12 reps @ 40lbs

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