Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Day of X-mas & the nOg Run Two-a-Day: 2/21

Hiroko had the day off on Sunday, and we decided to laze around.  I didn't feel as tired as I had the week before, but I still thought that a day off would be a good idea because I was planning a two-a-day for Monday.  I wanted to get up and go to Dan's 4:45am Sports Conditioning Class, but I was already struggling to get up in time when Basil decided to drink the glass water that I had left beside the bed.  So, after cleaning water off the floor and the cat, there was noway that I was going to make class on time.  Therefore, I decided to just workout on my own.  I figured that I hadn't done a 12 days of Christmas workout in a long time, and it was long overdue.  However, I ended up having to cut it a little short in order to make it to work on time (hey, they pay me and considering the economic times . . .); I ended up doing a 10 days of Christmas.

  1. Stairs and a lap around the track
  2. 1 and lap around the track
  3. 1,2, and leg lifts (each leg)
  4. 1, 2, 3, Fire Hydrants w/ leg extension (each leg)
  5. 1-4, push ups
  6. 1-5, Bicycles
  7. 1-6, Burpees
  8. 1-7 Prisoner Squats and leg raises
  9. 1-8 Arm Extensions
  10. 1-9 Cross over crunches (each side)
After the tenth round I was pretty beat, and knew that rounds 11 and 12 would take almost as long as the first 6 rounds had taken, so I just called it quits right there.

After work Hiroko and I went to the nOg run, which was MANDATORY considering it was 76 frickin' degrees outside in FEBRUARY (Monday @ Noon 74 / Tuesday @  Noon 39 WTMFH!?!) !!!!  Seriously, Mother Nature, why do you got to be screwing with my mind like this.  You and your freakin' mind games!  Honestly, I loved the perfect day, but it is shit like this that pisses me off about Raleigh because I just want some effin consistency -- my sinuses are going to go DECON 1 on me!

Also, The Tir Na nOg Running Club was doing a food drive, which I was really happy about because I organize food drives at my work at least twice year, and I know just how important events like this are to our local food banks.  I really liked that the food drive also coincided with my 10th nOg run, which qualifies me for my free nOg Run Tech shirt.  It seemed like a nice confluence of two thing which I care about: running and service.

I was really glad that Hiroko attended the run with me, even though she said that the only reason she did was for the $1 pasta buffet after the run.  Despite the claim that she was only there for the food, she hung in and ran really strong.  I had my best time yet for any of the nOg runs, but I am not really sure that I would call it my best run.  I have run stronger before I bought Old Bob, but I can only guess what about the time.  Today's run was also left me a more winded than other runs have.  Granted, this was a two-a-day, but fact are fact, I was sucking wind after this run.

I ran 2.80 in 24:17.81 which is a 8.39 pace.

Mile 1 8:29.08
Mile 2 8:59.91
The last .80 6:48.82 which is an 8:27 pace.

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  1. Ick this workout would make me HATE xmas. :p

    As far as reading while running, I don't know how I can do it. If I'm in a car and am reading my twitter feed for 5 minutes (obviously not while driving) I get super duper nauseous but I can run and read w/no problem. I take a break from it every few minutes just to give my eyes a rest... but other than that I'm good. It's weird.. I know....