Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday Toning Class: 2/9/11

As part of my re-dedication efforts to cross training.  Hiroko and I hit the Tuesday Toning class again this week.  Bryan was back, and there was a full house.  Having a different instructor last week was a nice change of pace, but it is nice to know what to expect from a class.  The main difference between Bryan and Grant's classes are that Bryan's approach is more measured a steady, while Grants is my active and dynamic.  I like both approaches to the class because I feel like with Bryan I am sure to hit the different muscle groups and can really focus on my form.  Grant's class, however, is more likely to push me to move outside of my comfort zones and work harder.  Both classes offer great workouts, Bryan's through focus and Grant's through activity. 

I can tell that my conditioning level has improved since I have returned to classes.  I wasn't totally crushed by this workout like I was in early January when I returned to the class.  I know that if I want to improve my running I will needed to really improve my base level of fitness.  One of the best aspects of attending classes is that they force me to do exercises that I usually avoid when I work out on my own.  Recently, I have not wanted to do squats, but Bryan had us doing a lot of squats right at the beginning of class forcing me to do something that I will guarantee you that I would have avoided had I not taken class. 

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