Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Fleet Feet Social Run: Hi, I am not Anti-Social . . . I just want to run! 2/10/11

Last night was the Fleet Feet Social Run, which I've been attending for the last few months.  I really enjoy the running and meeting new people even though I sometimes struggle with initial meetings and an complete crap with names.  But, cut me some slack because I do well for an only child, raised by a single parent as a latchkey kid!  Last night I just felt a little strange because I just kind of stood around without saying much before the run and then during the run I didn't sit with the others but ran ahead of the group on my own.  Yes, I understand that the basic premise of a social run is to be . . . well . . . social, but in my defense I would like to make a few points.

The not talking before the run thing is just the way I am before any kind of workout.  I like to listen to some music and get focused.  I just need to get in the right frame of mind.  I am even like that around Hiroko, if I don't get focused I feel like I am not going to take things seriously and end up doing something stupid and hurting myself.  Also, I am annoyingly prompt and like to start the run as close to the designated time, which is difficult when everyone is chatting.  Sorry, I just get stressed out by tardiness.  

Not running with the group: that one is my fault.  There isn't really anyone who is running at my pace in this group at the moment.  Currently, there are two groups of runners attending the social runs, a group of 6 min/milers, who are too fast for me and a group of 10 min/milers.  Currently, I am in the mid 8's to low 9's.  So, I am kind of in a no man's land because I can't hang with fast group for more than a mile and if I run with the other group, I tend to push their pace.  So last night, I just pushed to the front of the slower group and then went out on my own, so I wouldn't be pushing anyone to go faster.

Also last night, I was really in the mood to push myself.  I had a great workout week and the social run would be my last run before my off day and I really wanted to finish strong.  Which I think I did, but it just may have seemed a little bit like I was more of an anti-social prick than I really wanted.  I wonder how other people that go to social runs handle this type of situation.  I am still really new to the social social mores and norms of the running community and fear that I am breaking some unwritten rule.

Last night I did 4.09 in 37:42.99  for a 9:13 pace

Mile 1 8:31.07
Mile 2 8:44.28
Mile 3 9:04.32
Mile 4: 10:26.74

Mile 4 was all up hill because I took on a tougher hill than last time because I missed a street sign. 

After the run, I did stick around and talked with the other runners while we stretched in a concerted effort to counterbalance and unintended prick-ish-ness that I might have accidentally conveyed.

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  1. I hear you. I'm honestly not sure that I am going to renew my membership to my running group because I'm inbeteen the paces too. Just too much of a hassle.