Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday Two a Day 2/3

I went to Dan's Morning class at 5:30am, which I had hoped would be more like it had been when I first Joined the Y.  I lot of push ups, abs, squats, sprints, and things of that nature.  But it wasn't, his classes have turned into more of a motion oriented cardiovascular workout, which is alright, but just not what I need at the moment.  Currently, I am all legs and lungs.  I have been running so much that, my legs and lungs are about the only thing that is in really good shape.   I need more traditional workouts to strengthen my core, upper body, and back. 

So, even though the class provided a good sweat and did so of the things that I needed it to do.  It did not wipe me out.  Therefore, I went to the Fleet Feet run after work and did four miles.  I got there a little on the late side because I had to stop by a different store to pick up my race packet for the Krispy Kreme Challenge and there was about a 20 min. wait.  By the time I got to Fleet Feet the group that I usually run with had already left.  I joined a different group and we did the four mile loop at about a 10 min mile pace, which was fine with me considering the morning workout and what is in store for me on Saturday. 

Mile 1: 9:47.62
Mile 2: 9:37.47
Mile 3: 9:48.81
Mile 4: 10:51.41

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