Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday Toning Class: 2/15/11

I needed to attend Tuesday's Toning class because, if I missed it, I would have gone a whole seven days without attending a workout class,granted I ran on nearly all of those days), but I'm trying to avoid such long breaks between my workout classes and had planned to workout on my own at the gym over the weekend.  However, it was just too difficult to do so considering the wonderful weather.  I had also planned to go to class Monday morning, but I overslept because of some sinus medication I took the night before.  I have chronic sinus problems from a broken nose that are aggravated whenever we have drastic shifts in the weather, so the last week had been a bit rough.  Tuesday the high was back in the 50's for the day, which made it easy to go to the gym but continued to wreak havoc on my nose. 

I really hate side planks and we do them every week, which is why I take classes. 
Otherwise, I would never force myself to do a single plank.
Bryan's class is a good measuring stick by which to gauge my improvement because there are so many exercises that we repeat each week.  I could tell the my core is getting stronger, but I am still not back to the level of overall fitness that I had reached in the summer and fall.  But progress is being made, and if I can avoid the injury bug, I hope to go beyond my prior fitness levels.  I am using the 18lb pound body bar and the 8lb dumbbells for this class right now (b/c I'm lazy), and I didn't have any problems with the weight.  I think that I will be moving back up to 10lb dumbbells soon, but the 18lb body bar is the max at the Y.  Hiroko didn't attend class because she was still at work when it began, but she should be back next week. 

I also commuted to work and the gym on Frankenbike and road at total of 5.83 over 38:13 burning 569 calories. 


  1. I am a fan. But, the down side of it not changing from week to week that much is that it can put you to sleep at times.