Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Running on Empty: 2/13/11

Sunday should have been a rest day, but I am just not that smart.  I felt just as tired when I woke up as I did when I went to sleep.  However, Sunday's weather was even better than Saturday's, which made me want to get outside and enjoy it.  After debating with myself about what to do for a most of morning because deep down I knew that I wasn't feeling it.  I decided that I would go to the track for a quick 2 miles and call it a day.  I got ready and walked up to the track from my apartment just to find out that the track was closed for soccer.  Meredith College allows you to use the track during the day as long as they are not having an event.

By this time I was commited.  I wanted to get some sort of run in regardless, and I knew that one of the local high school's has a track that is supposed to be open to the public, so I retuned home grabbed my DL and jumped in the car and scooted over to that track only to find it locked!  Now, I know that some people would have said, enough and either just gone for a run around the nieghborhood, gone to the gym, or just chucked it and went home . . . I am not that guy . . . I get fixated . . . and I just happend to know that there was a middle school in the area with a track, so I jumped back in the car and headed to the middle school.

Finally, I found a track that I could use.  I got out of my car took one step and got a sharp pain right in my left shin.  When I was a kid, I fell on a broke bottle and took a nasty chunk out of my calf right beside my shin bone.  I should have gotten stitches, but for whatever reason, I didn't and I have nice scar about the size of a quarter on my shin.  When my legs are really tired, I will get sharp pains just below that scar.  My guess is that that the scar tissue messes with a nerve, but that is just a guess. I doesn't really matter why it happens, but it is a certanty that I will have a crap run once those pains start.  It isn't even that the pain is that bad; it is just that I have to be wiped out for the pains to start.  I tried to compensate by streching and warming up; however, I could tell that my legs were done in from the very start.

I was able to gut out 1 mile in 9:10.68, but I could't push myself to start the second mile becauseI felt like one of those Klement's Racing Sausages only with less agility.

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