Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to Craptastica! 2/17/11

Recently, I have become aware of the Paradox that exists as little old me.  Outwardly, I'm jaded, sarcastic, and have a sense of humour that makes the Mojave Desert look like a effin' wetland.   But, on the inside there lives this annoying optimistic version of myself that is constantly looking at the bright side of things (and loves Musicals.)  Who Knew?  I sure as hell didn't until Hiroko pointed it out to me.  Well, one thing that I have realized, since I have started running, is that my glass is half full nature has really aided me in dealing with the ups and downs of running.  And Yesterday, was one of those days where it was a really good thing that I am the way I am . . . Because, yesterday's run . . . SUUUuuuuUUUCKED!

Hiroko and I attended the Fleet Feet Social Run, and we did the same 4 mile course that I ran last week.  However, this time, I was hurting from the two-a-day that I had done on Wednesday.  I thought that I would get loose once I got warmed up, but in a work, NAAAAAA!  The first two miles were all right.  I was doing 9 minute miles, which is just a touch slower than my normal pace, but the third mile was real . .  real bad.  I was able to keep my pace up, but I was hurting and knew that I was going to have to walk part of the fourth mile.  Hiro and the other lady, who ran with us blew right by me as I dropped off at the three mile mark.  Mile four: just blew chunks, I ran walk all the way in.  At one point, Hiro even stopped and started coming back to see it I was alright before I waved her on.  My legs were just tight, sore, and felt like tree trunks.  I kept telling myself that if I walked just a few seconds more then I would be able to run again.  Each time I started running, I knew that I just didn't have the heart for it.  No matter how much I tried to gut it out.  I would end up dropping back down to a walk.

Honestly, it was a touch humiliating after I took off and left the group the week before because I wanted to be an asshat run faster.  I would say that it was runner's karma, but I know that it was just that I tried to run one mile more than my legs had in them.  After the run, when I finally caught up to the Hiro and the other lady, who were waiting for me a the top of the last hill.  All I could think about was running on Saturday.  I told Hiro how I don't really mind crappy runs every now and then because you lean more from them than you do from the good one, which is when she pointed out my half-full mentality for the 13,392 time.  Even now, reflecting back on the run, I am kind of glad that it happened.  I have had a string of good runs recently, but I haven't been pushing my workouts the way that I have over the last two weeks.  I know that if I am serious about meeting my goals, I am going to be spending more time in Craptastica, so I had better get used to it!

The days run total was 4.00 miles in 38:23.52 for a 9:35 pace.
Mile 1: 9:07.34
Mile 2: 8:51.25
Mile 3: 9:11.20
Mile 4: 11:12.98 ----WTF!?!

The day's Biking totals were 4.33 miles in 29:46 burning 479


  1. I've been spending a little time in Craptastica this week as well, with running being my only positive. Half-full is a good thing - I need a little more of that in my life. Hope the bad run fuels you for a great one this weekend.

  2. Thanks! At least mother nature is being kind to us.