Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Sport's Conditioning: 2/7/11

My next race is The St. Patty's Run Green 8K on March 5th, and I am hoping to have a good showing. Over the course of my last few races, I haven't seen or felt the level of improvement that I had wished. The main reason for this is my lack of crosstraining and focus upon running only. Part of which was out of necessity because of injuries, but mainly, I lost my interest in my workout classes, and let my injuries, the weather, and holiday's interfere with my conditioning efforts. I have increased my workout class attendance since the new year, but I wouldn't consider it to be adequate to achieve my goals. This morning, I forced myself to get up and drag my sorry self to the gym for the 5:45am class despite having stayed up late after watching the Super Bowl. I know that Monday's set the tone for my workout week and if I can get up for the morning class I am much more likely to continue getting up the remainder of the week.
Hamstring exercise that we did in class today.
This morning's class was exactly what I needed. Lisa was today's instructor, and her class had a nice mix of exercise. She does an excellent job of blending more traditional exercises like push ups and leg lifts and pairing them with sprints and exercise ball exercises. My only wish is that she Incorporated, some more weights into the class. However, I don't think that it would have worked in conjunction with the exercise ball today. Adding weights wouldn't have allowed us to focus our attention. Lisa does a good job of keeping our heart rates elevated and making sure that we try to push ourselves. I am enjoying her classes more and more each time that I take them.

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