Thursday, February 17, 2011

Putting a Ring on My Crazy: 2/16

Alright Folks, it's time for me to commit to my crazy. 
I've been flirting with my crazy for some time now, but my crazy looks fine to me, and it's time I put a ring on it cause there is no other crazy out there that I want to be with.  I have spent most of my adult life dedicated to a purely sedimentary lifestyle, and I came to push 330lbs., I had a killer DVD and book collection, and I hated myself .  Well, over the last year, I have changed, become active, lost weight, and run some races.  But, I've been holding back, and asking myself questions like, "Greg, what's really going to change if you lose another 40lbs or can run 7 min. miles?  What difference in your life is it going to make?"  While I struggled to find an answer, I let myself get into a funk because I wasn't losing as much weight as I wanted, wasn't meeting my running goals, my exercise classes started to suck, and my feet hurt like a mother.  Waaa Waaa Waaa!

In December, I found myself at a crossroad because the weight was coming back, I slipped from 270 to 280, and I was lying to myself that my races were getting harder because of the courses and not the size of my ass, consoled myself by saying things like, "I may not win my age group, but I sure as hell win my weight class."  Fine, most guy's  the go 6'1" 280 can't run 8 and 9 min. miles.  But, here is the thing, I am not happy being one of the few that can!  If I were, that would be one thing, but I am not.  In fact it pisses me off more that I can because I keep thinking, what would it be like if I wasn't the same weight as an Adult Male Ostrich.  And as for the question that I keep asking myself, here is the answer, "Damn if I know, but there is only one way to find out!"

Over the last month and a half I've been making some efforts to get back to where I was in June and July, but the thing is that I want to go beyond that.  I want to go, truly, stark raving mad on this shit because  . . . I liiiiike it! I want to run my guts out every time that I run.  I want every workout to end with the strong possibility of a stroke some mild vomiting.  I love when a workout or a run leaves me drenched in sweat, dizzy, eye's blood shot, and looking like I might fall over gasping for air.  I don't want to count towards our nations obesity statistics, and I don't want to have to by my clothes at Old Navy because they got my size.
So here is the deal folks, 40 more lbs would bring me down to 240, a weight that I haven't seen since Clinton's first term.  I'll be there before the end of this year, injuries and illness be damned.  So, yesterday, I decided to just let my crazy run wild!

Yesterday's workout was a two-a-day.  I got up around 4am and decided to run to the gym.  I did the 1.63 mile run in 14:31.32 for an 8:54 pace.  The streets were clear, the sky was dark, and the air was cool, and a great time was had by all (and by all I mean . . . me).  I did mile 1 in  9:22.41and the last
.63 in 5:08.93 for an 8:10 pace.

After my run, I went to the 30/30 Spin & Strength class.  I had to cut out 15 minutes of the Strength portion in order to get to work (hey, they pay me, so I feel the obligation).  This was my first Spin Class, and it wasn't bad at all.  I worked up a good sweat.  And, it was good to change up from running all the time.  I would prefer to be out riding my bike, but you know, it is nice not having to worry about some NASCAR fan, out to prove that he's a better driver the Danica Patrick, on his way to work, flying down Western Blvd., and turning Franken-bike and I into a mix matched jigsaw puzzle.  The Strength portion of the class that I stayed for was Push Ups, One Legged Squats, planks, some jump rope hops, etc.  After the class, I jogged to Hiroko's work as a cool down, and picked up the car.

I felt good after my morning workout, but not dead . . . my goal for the day was to feel zombified, so I decided to attend Lisa's evening boot camp after work.  I have never atteneded her boot camp, but it was an awesome workout.  Class started at 6:15, but I got there about 10 minutes early and she had early arrivals start out on the track as they arrived.  We had the choice of walking, Jogging, or Running.  I ran.  We stayed on the track until about six 6:20.  I am no fan of the track at the Y because it is a super small, tight (15 laps = a mile), indoor track and only has room for 2.5 people to go around at a time.  So if there two people walking slowly side by side and chatting, it will cause problems.  However last night, I wanted to run.  And just figured that people will have to learn that the track is not where you go to walks slow and chat . . . hell you can't even hear for all the noise comming of the basketball courts.

Anyway, I was going around the track at a good pace, peope were running in fear for thier lives, when some tall skinny dude just blew past me with no effort, followed by another slightly bigger guy right on his heels, so I thought for a second. . . Do I really want to look like an total asshat and try to keep up with these guys until class starts in about 5mins or do I want to go about my merry way.  Now, I must say that just before going to this class I had been reading This Race Report by the Angry Runner, which may have effected my decision making process, along with the fact that I HATE tall skinny fast guys! So, I  . . . uh . . .chose to go the asshat route and fell in right on their heels.  I was able to stay with them  until it was time to go to class because of the other traffic on the track, otherwise the would have toasted me!  I was winded and sweating buckets by the time class started.
Class was basically the same as her the other classes I have done with Lisa, but with  sprints at the end of class . . . Nice!  So it was do an exercise for 30 seconds, switch to another for 30, run to the end of the gym and back, and repeat the process, then start over with two different exercises and continue.  Yesterday we did push ups, various planks, an assortment of jumps, lunges, squats, bicycles, and flutter kicks to name a few.  The sprints we the best part of the class and even though we did them for only around 5mins.  I was dead by the end: red eyed, sweaty as hell, and taking huge gulps of air in.  When I got home I just fell down on the bedroom floor and laid there with my legs elevated for about 10mins.  My crazy and I just having a happy moment together!  I felt like crap and loved it.

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  1. Yay for you! And I LOVE that you have a pic of Busey with this post. Have fun with your crazy. :)