Monday, April 25, 2011

Come Take a Run With Me: Umstead in Pictures -- Easter 2011

While Hiro slept in on Easter, I went for a run.  Please come along!  (All of the following pictures but one were taken on the fly as I ran.)
Starting Out on the Company Mill Trail

Umstead has a way of making me feel like it is a world all it's own


Foot bridge over one of Umstead's many creeks
A picture of the creek as I ran across the bridge

A nice flat section along the stream, but lots of bugs!

another small foot bridge

this portion of the trail is soft with few roots and rocks

Ok, time for some hills!

this timed shot is the only photo not taken on the fly as I ran

About to cross the multi purpose trial.  Can you see a guy riding a mountain bike on the multi-purpose trail ahead of me? 

Backside of the loop: here is where things get fun!

I really need to pay attention here. 
The trail narrows, gets more rocky and rooty at times,
and has lots of switchbacks, which can send you straight into the woods.

Still there are still some soft pine needle covered sections to enjoy

The trial narrows to the point where two people can't pass in a few places
these roots will get you if you're not careful!

About to leave the hiking trails behind

More hills!

Heading for home on the Ready Creek trail
By 11am we were in the mid 80's, so the shade was welcome!

Another runner zooms on by

I really enjoy the sound of my feet running across this wooden bridge

a right turn and we're nearly done!

The little lake is a welcome sight, but the flies buzzing about my head I could do without.

The bridge ahead is my stopping point, I plan to walk out the rest of the way.
We're done!  let's enjoy the view before the Horse Flies get us!

4.6 miles run in Umstead:  Here is map of our run:
Follow the yellow line.
Thank you for coming on this run with me.  I shot nearly 140 photos but selected these 28 because they reflected the terrain best.  I twisted my ankle on this run, but ironically I wasn't taking a picture at the time.  In fact, I had turned of the camera because I knew the section I was in was a bit tricky.  Oh well, such is life!  I hope that you have enjoyed these photos and can see why I feel so strongly about Umstead.


  1. Oh look how green! No wonder you enjoy going there so much, today I am living vicariously through you as it's 30's and snowing...CRIPES!
    PS. You have mad skills taking photos and trail running.
    Hope that your ankle is feeling better.

  2. LOVED IT..thanks!!! The green...oh, the so jealous because like JP said up there..stupid stupid snow up here. Still loads and loads of it covering our lovely trails...sigh...

  3. We're in the mid 80's and it is still April. I think that this summer is going to be a hot one!

    The ankel is getting better. I have it taped up pretty well, and it seem sto be minor, just a little swelling, but no discoloration.

    I was a bit leary about taking pictures as I ran, but it is easier than you think. I have a tiny powershot digital camera. And, my basic rule is that I pay no attention to the camera. I just hold it in a general direction and push the button. If I miss a shot -- oh well, as long as I don't fall on my face.

  4. That is an awesome trail to run. I can't get over how GREEN it is in your part of the country. Not til I saw it for myself did I accept that I really do live in a desert. It's warm here in So Cal but there's no forests to provide any relief.