Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For My Angry Little Compatriot!

As Many of you may know, Angry Runner is having a give away that contains a bunch of useless crap I mean  a bunch of useless shit I don't need! oops, I mean . . . some really awesome stuff that I really really want so bad that even made up a little song about it!  Now, I am a tragic frickin' loss to the music community as you can tell by my little  video, which I took time to make per my little Angry pal's request.  Enjoy.  P.S. Sadly you can't see the little dance that goes with this song or the sequin man thong I am sporting which says "Winner" in a very appropriate place!


  1. In my best JerBear voice I say, "YAYZIES!"

  2. Bitter tears that we can't see the sequin man thong.

  3. Maybe, if I win! Tee-hee! Not that I am trying to sway the results. Not really sure which way that would sway them either.