Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monday Morning Wake UP Call From Boston: 4/18

After running in my local 5k and failing to get my PR, I went to the gym and took Teresa's Sports Conditioning Class: the last place that you want to go when your opinion of yourself is on shaky ground.  It is rumored that she is a former Drill Sargent, and I have no reason to question the validity of the rumor.  There is no bullshitting about in her class, she picks difficult exercise, piles on reps, and people who finish first are rewarded with being the first to begin the next exercise.  There are no breaks.  The class is an unending onslaught of exercise  and pain from start to finish.  If you want a break it's on you.  If you die, we'll call your next of kin after class ends.

I hadn't attend Teresa's class in months, but I knew what I was getting into.  The class was brutal and left me destroyed! 

After Teresa's class I weighed myself and saw that my eight was 10 pounds higher now than it had been during the race I PR'ed the 5k.  Those 10 pounds cost me a PR on Sunday.  I've no excuses for this. I let injuries and mental fatigue get the better of me, and I got complacent.  I have improved since the New Year, but I know the truth.

It is time to face some facts, I love running.  I want to run all the time, but I need lose weight for so many reasons that extend beyond running, and running alone is not the most effective way for me to lose weight.  I'll either breakdown or plateau.  I enjoy the fitness classes that I take for the most part, but I tend to shy away from the more difficult classes these days.  I hate weights, but they are an extremely effective way to lose weight. 

All of these ideas realities were floating around in my noggin as I started tracking AR and Emily as they set fire to Boston.  Now, I have NO dreams of EVER running Boston.  None, none, none.  But, I do have dreams of running faster and longer distances.  I also have dreams of being able to walk when I am in my 60's, being able to dress myself, and play with any children that I might one day have. 

All of this stuff just kept churning away as I watched AR turn in Rock Star negative split on bum knee, and I just couldn't escape the fact that if I want to achieve my goals I need to pick up some frickin weights, maybe try some yoga, take a break from races, and work.  I need to get up early and work my ass off, which is what I am going to do.  Work is what every single person in Boston has done, and even though Boston is not my destination, I'll except this wake up call from Boston . . .That's right operator, I'll take the call!

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  1. Lovely..sounds like there is no denial w/ you and that is a very good thing.