Friday, April 22, 2011

Weds. Sports Conditioning: Abs Hell Day 4/20

This post will be short and sweet. 

  • Ran to the gym in the morning, but Old Bob was out of power
  • First naked run (sans Garmin) since buying OLD Bob: kind of liked it . . . kind of didn't.  Hmm not ssure what to make of it.
  • Took Teresa's class again . . .
  • As we left on Monday, she told us that Wednesday we would do Abs until we puked
  • I didn't puke
  • Wish that I had.
  • My abs still hurt
  • Ouch
  • Ran home after class
  • Thought that I might die.
  • Ouch
  • Biked to work
  • Ouch
  • People at work said that I looked like I was either about to die or about to puke . . . opinions varied
  • Ouch
  • My abs still hurt . . . I am not sure my internal organs are in the right places . . . ouch.

1 comment:

  1. Holy crap! I hate to puke, I'd say you are a total bad ace for not puking.