Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post Race Rigamortis Run: 4/10

After the Cary Road Race on Saturday, my legs hated me.  My Hamstrings wanted to go on strike, but I was having none of that talk.  I forced myself (and Hiroko) to go to the gym because taking a day off  would just allow the soreness to take root.  We drove over to the gym and from there I ran most of the course that we will run for the Second Empire Classic 5k on Sunday.  I know the course really well, and run it as part of my morning workouts at the gym, but I just wanted to see how it felt since I have been running more hills over the last few weeks.  The course was really flat, but I didn't try for any kind of speed because my legs felt like rigamortis was about to set in.  I did 2.70 in 25:34.87 for a 9:27 pace.

The first mile was a painful 9:57.71 because my hamstrings were on fire!  Mile 2 was better and took 9:09.07, but I was still not having any joy in the slightest.  The last.70 took  6:28.09 for a 9:10 pace, and I wanted it to end at this point.  Seriously, I was over this whole running thing by the time I returned to the Y. 

After returning, I joined Hiroko for some light exercises, which mainly focused on abs and back.  Then I foam rollered the hell out of my legs and stretched.  Honestly, I am glad I went, but at the time I cursed myself for doing it.


  1. Sometimes if I'm sore/stiff especially when hills are involved, I will just walk it out and then give it a go at running.
    Not all that fun feeling like Frankenstein though.