Friday, April 8, 2011

Effed with by the God's of Spring . . . Another Gym Run & 12 days: 4/5

Persephone goddess of spring and Hades
Following Sunday's workout, I felt pretty beat but didn't want to give up on going to the nOg run on Monday.  I tried to convince myself all day that I was going to go.  I had made sure to bring my clothes with me to work and tried to amp myself up for the run.  However, by the time I was supposed to leave work, I was struggling.  My motivation was waning, but I hadn't fully given up on the idea.  Luckily for me, Hiroko had to work late, and I couldn't make the run on time, so it took the decision out of my hands (at least that is what I told myself).  But, I promised myself that I would repeat Sunday's workout on Tuesday: no excuses excepted!

Which is, of course, why the God's of Spring decided to eff with me on Tuesday!  That morning I woke to a nice little windstorm with some awesome random sideways rain.  Hiro had to be at work at 7am and couldn't be late.  She asked me several times if I wanted to drop her off and use the car, but I insisted upon riding the bus.  Why?  Because I am apparently I am a dumb ass!  So, I am sitting in my apartment drinking my morning coffee and reading Runner's World, Hiroko has just driven off and . . . the power goes out!  It is not a flicker and back on . . . nope . . . it is out and going to stay out.  Wisely, I contact my boss and co-worker and tell them I'll be late because I'll need to fix a different lunch than the one I had planned and wait for there to be enough day light to venture in the shower.  After sometime, the rain let up and I decided to head to the bus stop, which is about half a mile from my apartment.  Everything was fine until I got right to the bus stop.  The wind picks up, turns my umbrella inside out right at the moment I get hit with a sudden flash of sideways rain that is gone just as quickly as it arrives.  Now, I am at the bus stop but waiting for the bus is useless because I am soaked.  My pants a stuck to me, my shoes are water logged, and both arms of my shirts could easily be wrung out. 

I just turn right around and head home.  No cussing, no laughing, I am just disgusted with myself.  I knew that I deserved this for being a dumb ass!  The power comes back on after I return home.  It has been out for three hours, but I am able to take a shower and get some dry clothes on just in time for the rain to stop, so I end up riding Frankenbike to work.  The rest of the day is for the most part uneventful for me, but Hiro ends up working late, and I have to return home before I can go the gym because the gym clothes I packed are soaked.

But a promise is a promise, so as soon as I get home  I change into my gym clothes, listen to Hiro tell me about her day and tell her about my morning, pet Basil, and head for the gym:

My legs feel much better than they did on Sunday and I run the 1.63 miles to the gym in 14:45.27 for a  9:02 pace. the first mile was in 9:38.64 and the last .63 took 5:06.63 for a shocking 8:04 pace.  this was shocking because I wasn't winded or trying to hit hard pace.

Upon arriving, I went straight into my 12 Days of Christmas.  I changed up a few exercise just to hit some problem areas and to make the transitions between exercises more strenuous.  I wanted to have to transition between the standing and laying on the floor between each exercise, so I need to break up the abs and push ups better than I had in the past.

  1. Lap around the indoor track (1/15 of a mile)
  2. Burpee with push up
  3. Fire Hydrant (each leg with a leg extension)
  4. Curls with 15 lbs. dumbbells (each arm)
  5. Push ups
  6. Leg Raises (each leg)
  7. Bicycles
  8. Prisoner Squats (with an elbow to knee leg raise on each side)
  9. Crossover Crunches (each side)
  10. Hamstring Curl (with exercise ball)
  11. Overhead press w/ 15lbs. dumbbell
  12. Supermans
I was drenched for the second time after finishing the 12 Days, but this time it was in sweat, so I felt much better about it.  I put up my equipment and headed straight for home. 

I did the 1.68 in 14:22.72 for an 8:34 pace.  the run home felt much better than the run to the gym. I was beat when I got home, but I felt great about the workout.
Mile 1 took 8:37.38 and the last .68 took 5:45.34 for an 8:30 pace. 

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