Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday Fleet Feet Social Run: 4/14

I attended the Fleet Feet Social Run on Thursday.  We did 4 miles in 38:15.42 at a 9:34 pace.  In the past, I've spoken about how I am sort of in between pace groups on this run, which is frustrating because I don't run with the slower group and be unintentionally pushing them to run faster or run with the faster group that will run me into the ground by the second mile.  Staying my own pace would most often would leave me running alone, which kind of defeats the purpose of attending a social run, but I have been thinking more about it, and this run could be a good place for me to learn about pacing.  I have just been so happy to be running that I haven't given enough attention to pacing and understanding how it will benefit me as a runner.  Up till now, I have just been amazed to be running.  Recently, I have come to think of myself as in the my toddler stage as a runner: I am up and about, happy as hell to be doing it, but not skilled in the slightest!  Now that the weather is getting nicer, more people are beginning to show up to the run, and almost all of them are more experienced than I.  They may not be running at my pace, but they know how to maintain their pace, which is a skill that I lack.

As for my past post regarding Frayed Laces and her Chicken Nugget post, she has since removed the post from her blog, which has caused a lot of folks to come to my blog to read what she wrote.  I know that FL is taking tons of heat in lots of forums right now for what she wrote, which I think she deserves.  But, I would ask that people refrain from getting nasty.  She wrote something pretty boneheaded and smug sounding, but I honestly think that it was more out her own over exuberance and commitment to the sport she loves.  I am not saying she deserves a pass for what she said, but that one post doesn't sum her up as person anymore than eating nuggets after a long run sums up a persons status as a runner, which is I hope the lesson that she learns from all the ire she brought down upon herself.

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