Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday's Twisters: 4/16

Saturday, my town was struck by several tornadoes.  A tornado hit downtown Raleigh and several neighborhoods.  Sadly, there were some fatalities and a great deal of damage.  NC was hit by over 60 tornadoes Saturday, which is just mind boggling.  Between the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and now these tornadoes, I am wondering what's next.  Hiroko's family is alright in Japan and we're OK here, so I feel like knocking on all the wood that I can find.

Saturday, started out so normally that I went to the track early in the morning and did two miles as a shakeout for my 5k on Sunday.  It was windy, the sky was dark, and the air was cool, but I didn't give it much thought.  I just wanted to get my run in before any rain could begin to fall.

I did an easy peasy two mile in 19:45.72  mile 1 in 9:51.41 and mile 2 in 9:52.  After running, I went home showered, ate my lunch, watched a crappy movie, and was just about to go pick Hiro up from work when the already dark sky and strong winds went from bad to "oh shit!"  The storms were over quickly, but they have left a lasting mark on the community.  I didn't really put things together until I started writing this post, but since Saturday, I have felt a surge of Carpe Diem rushing over me, because this little life of ours is just way too random to waste watching bad reality TV!