Monday, April 25, 2011

Returning to Umstead: 4/23

After races on two straight weekends, I couldn't wait to get into Umstead and get away from the streets of Raleigh.  I love running in races, but I hate that they take me away from my weekends runs in more natural areas.  I've been reading Runner's World: Trail Edition, which really makes me want to try my hand a trail race.  Honestly, I love running on trails much more than I do streets.  My only issue is that I often end up with sprains and twists.  I have weak ankles as well as not own a single pair of trail running shoes, so these minor injuries keep me from running on some of the more difficult trials that I truly enjoy.  I am fairly certain that my lack of trail running shoes will be remedied rather quickly because the trails are a callin'! 

Saturday, I did five miles on the multi-purpose trails in Umstead.  It was just about the perfect day to run: a little cool with a light rain that was just a bit more than a mist but rarely reaching a sprinkle for more than a few seconds.  I felt stiff, my arms were still sore from lifting, and my hips were SCREAMING on the up hills, but still . . . what an incredible run.  After finishing the run, I felt so relaxed.  Just what I needed.

I did 5 hilly miles over an out and back course in 52.51 for a 10:33 pace.

Mile 1: 10:43
Mile 2: 10:38
Mile 3: 10:48
Mile 4: 10:05
Mile 5: 10:33


  1. You have the bug, how exciting!!!

  2. gotta subscribe to "Trail Runner" it equals awesome.