Friday, April 15, 2011

nOg Run: Monday 4/11

Hiroko and I went to Tir Na nOg and did the run on Monday, which was the hottest nOg run thus far this year.  The 6pm start time of the nOg run are going suuu-uuck come mid-June!  My legs felt a tad better than they did the day before, which meant that they were still tights as hell.  I wanted to get the run in hopes that an easy run would keep my legs from tightening up.  Hiroko has been working like crazy, so she hasn't been running at all.  Not that she runs all that much to begin with.  She enjoys races, but isn't big on training, and I am pretty sure that she enjoys running on the dreadmill more than running outside because she doesn't have to deal with hills and can watch the Food Network or read a gossip rag while she runs.  I, of course, am the exact opposite and now despise the Dreadmill and want no part of it if I can help it.  Oh-well. 

On Monday, we did the run together and since my hammies were still pissed, I stayed with Hiroko for the whole run.  We did the 2.8 mile run in 26:27.51, which is about a minute and a half off from what I have done over my last few nOg runs, so I am pleased that I was able to resist the urge to faster because of the crowd.  I did the first mile in  9:32.1, the second in 9:25.77and the last .80 in 7:29.63 for  9:23 pace. 

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  1. Good job not getting too rowdy and I'd say for taking it easier you had a great time still.