Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mizuno "Run with Us" Truck at Fleet Feet Social Run: 5/26

Mizuno One Pager
The Mizuno "Run with Us" Truck stopped by the Fleet Feet Social run last night and brought tons of shoes for everyone to test run, some awesome prizes, and pretty cool give always. Despite temperatures in the low 90's and some unforgiving humidity, there was a pretty large turn out. Fleet Feet also offered a 10% discount on all Mizuno purchases made that night, which was a nice little plus. I recently purchased two new pairs of Saucony and moved up to a 15 wide after ripping my last pair, so I wasn't looking to purchase anything last night. However, Mizuno is a brand that I know little about, so I was interested in seeing what they had to offer. Truthfully, I hadn't even expected them to have any 15's for me to try on, but shockingly, I was wrong. In fact, the Mizuno "Run with Us" Truck had two pairs from which I could choose. I can't tell you how much that impressed me because far too often stores won't even stock 15's, which is really frustrating. Finding that Mizuno had brought two pairs with them, on the off chance that someone with large feet might come to an event, just made me really happy and scored the folks at Mizuno some major points! I tried on the Mizuno Wave Rider 14, which are offered in a 15 wide. The Truck had the standard 15, and I decided to give it a try anyway. Immediately, I could tell that I had made the right choice by moving to a wide. I tried to give it a go nonetheless, but I quickly thought better of it and went back for my shoes. Still, just the fact that the 15's were there was impressive, and next time I go looking for shoes, I'll be much more likely to look into Mizuno's offerings. On many occasions when I have asked people about Mizuno's, I have been told that they run narrow and that I shouldn't waste my time, but now that I know that they offer 15, and 16 in both standard and wide sizes, I won't be so quick to dismiss them.

As for my run, I had planned to do the 4 mile loop, but I lost my group when I went back to exchange my shoes. When I returned to the run, I decided to run the course in reverse and do an out and back when I met up with the group. I could tell right away that this wasn't going to be a good run for me. I had a lot of soreness from the prior day's sports conditioning class. And, the humid air was much more punishing than I had expected. I am still in my first year of running, and I spent last summer either running early in the morning, on the treadmill, or injured, so I am not really experienced with the Raleigh's humidity from a runner's perspective. Of coures, having lived here I know the challenges our summers bring, but trying to run in this climate is whole different animal.

I met the group at about a mile and a half into my run. And, fell in with them knowing full well that I would basically be re-running the most hilly portion of the course, and would now be running it in the more difficult direction. Right away, I could tell that I wasn't up to snuff today. My stomach felt dicey, but I wanted to try to push through. I made it nearly all the way back, but I was increasingly struggling to keep with the guy with whom I was running. Just as we got the the steepest portion of the run, which is right at the end, I felt done in and dropped down to a walk. I was a little disappointed in myself, but I knew that I just didn't have the will to push myself the rest of the way. But, that's alright because I know that this frustration I am feeling about falling out of my run will be fuel for my next run.

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  1. Those rough days pop up from time to time, but you are exactly right that it will help fuel you the next time and hopefully will be an enjoyable one. Sorry about the heat/humidity, it's brutal!