Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Sports Conditioning 5/25

Great Class!  lots of Squats, Push ups, Burpees, Suicides, Crab walks, Walking lunges, and high knees.  Fun stuff!

Here video of one of my favorite Japanese comedians  Gori Matsuura and his alter ego or Gorie.  Gorie is suppose to be a 15 year old girl who thinks she is super cute and dresses and act accordingly.  However, she looks like a dude dressed as up like a 15 girl to everyone else (which of course she is).  The real comedy is that most people try not to shatter Gorie's self image or hurt her feelings, but in the end, Gorie always pushes people beyond the breaking point.  This is a music video that is a result of Gorie cheer leading, which is one of her many super cute activies:

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  1. Gorie looks WAY better in a skirt than I do.
    Good stuff!
    Thanks for the well wishes, as well.