Friday, May 13, 2011

nOg Run -- May 9th and last year's First Friday Bike Ride -- the lost post!

This weeks nOg Run attendance was down right staggering! I wouldn't be shocked if it surpassed last weeks record of 366. It is surreal to see 300 plus runners take to the city streets en masse without the street being closed or having traffic stopped in any way. Even with wave starts based upon speed and some groups running divergent courses due to distance, the street are still packed with runners. Most passers by seem truly perplexed by the scene. The only thing that compares is the attention that Ruff Bicycle Squadron garners at First Fridays.
Below is a video that I shot of last may's First Friday bike ride:

I've had worse nOg runs than this one, but today's wasn't my best effort either. I wasn't feeling wretched like I did all of last week, so I'll take what I can get. During this run, I began to realize that my ankle isn't 100% from twisting it in Umstead a few weeks back. I hadn't noticed last week because I had it taped up fairly well and felt like hell everywhere, so it largely went under the radar. However, there is still some soreness in there that holding me back a touch. Hiroko sat out this nOg run, so I was flying solo. Still it was really nice to get out and join such a large group of people. The nOg run is just a great run to take part in, and I really enjoy seeing people out and about that I recognize from the nOg run. I am not sure how my attendance will be effected by the heat that is sure to be punishing come July and August, but at the moment the nOg Run is one of my weekly running high lights.

I did 2.81 in 25:50.65 for a 9.12 pace on the nOg run.

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  1. That's a great turn out, at our local stuff it's lucky to get 20-30 people!
    Careful on your ankle, young man.