Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Running In My Home Town: Morris Park -- Fairmont WV, May 29th

I visted my hometown for the first time in over two years.  I grew up in Fairmont West Virginia, which is a small town about 16 miles south of Pennslyvainia.  This trip was my first trip back since I started running, so I was looking forward to getting in at least one run while I was there.  I decided to run at Morris park, which is a par that contains the town reservoir.  I used to live just down the hill from the park and would bring my dog there often when I was in High School.  Morris Park was never a place for running -- it was for cookouts, walking my dog, or playing tennis, but never running, so I decided that this was something I needed to change while I was on this trip.
WV was about 10 degrees cooler than NC

The road that goes around the park is a bit hilly

The whole park is cover with trees, but hardly
any of the pine that you find everywhere in Raleigh

Since I was running on a Friday morning there was only
one other runner, a few walkers, and some guys playing disc golf

this used to be a little wading pool for kids when I was young, but was filled in a long time ago.

Enjoying my run: I did two laps, which equaled 2.6 miles

Down over this hill there is some playgroung equipment that I used to play on as a kid

Many a game of freeze tag and red light, green light were played around here
Once again leaving the park and heading for home.
I had a nice little run and enjoyed a good trip down memory lane.  I wished that I could have run more while I was in Fairmont, but it was a short trip and I was really tired most of the time I was there, but next time I go back I plan to run more.

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  1. Cool way to see your hometown in a bit different way. Love the remnants of the pool, too bad they had to fill it in...darn liabilities.
    I say it every time, I know, but the GREEN, beautiful!!!