Monday, May 9, 2011

What Were You Thinking: Lifting & Running -- May 7th

Recently, I read an article that said that running after lifting weights is a more effective way to lose weight than running prior to lifting.  The basic idea being that weights will cause your body to burn off sugar rather rapidly, which would then cause your body to get energy from fat for a longer period of time while you ran.  If one were to run first, you would still be burning off sugar by the time you began lifting weights, and lifting does not keep your heart rate elevated long enough to burn off fat the way running does.  This sounds alright to me -- and, hey, who am I to question science? I am the guy who just slacked off most of last week because he was tired from driving -- I need a the help I can get!  At least that was how I was feeling on Saturday when I decided that I need to make up for some of the workouts that I missed (Yeah, I know, this make up for lost workouts state of mind is never a good idea). 

Ignoring anything close to a logical thought, I decided to go straight to the the gym after dropping Hiroko off for work, lift weights, then drive the 10 mins it take to get to Umstead and go right into my Saturday run.  Now, one does not need to be a Mensa member to figure out where this is going. 

I feel your look, dude.

The lifting went fine.  I did upper body and had no issues other than I didn't bring a water bottle, so I was drinking much less water than normal.  Regardless, I left the gym as soon as I finished my last rep and went straight to Umstead.  I ran the first 2 miles on a hiking trail, and was feeling alright. not good, not great, but alright. the next mile six was on one of the Multi-purpose trails, and it just sucked.  But was manageable.  However, things went off the trails when I decided to take a hiking trail that I have never been on before rather than continue on the multi-purpose trail because it was coming to a place that I hate to run.  Bad.  Bad idea.  I spent the next two miles regretting this decision as Umstead kick the snot out me.  Misery followed.  Cursing spewed.  Tears were fought off.  And, fake tough guy looks were given out to anyone who passed.  By the time I reached my car, I had to force myself to do a minimum amount of stretching before  driving home.  Once I got home, I cleaned up, put on some compression sock a lay on the floor with my cat, Basil, just looked at me with eyes that screamed "you FUCKING idiot!" 

Thanks, guy. 

All total I did 5.57 miles in well over an hour.  muh.

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  1. I NEED to lift weights, but this is my fear of it...ding dang those scientists, what the heck do they know! Hope that you are feeling better now.