Monday, May 23, 2011

Running Right Out Of My Shoe: 5/21

3 miles into a 5 mile run, I caught my foot on a rock and this happened.
 (That isn't blood, just red from the flash.)

I was on a trail in Umstead, and my toes just popped right out through the split.
I put my foot back in the shoe and ran the last two miles the toe box ripped open,
but it didn't effect the run at all.  I Love Saucony!
5 miles 58:02.63 11:36
First three miles were on trails and the last two were on utility roads, but with a gutted shoe!
Mile 1 11:41.88
Mile 2 12:57.59
Mile 3 12:24.11
Mile 4 10:05.32
Mile 5 10:53.73


  1. Nice! Now you look like a real bad-ass..

  2. And you just kept right on ARE a bad ass!