Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wednesday X-rays and Thursday Class.

I took Wednesday off from working out because I woke up with some swelling in my foot, appropriately enough, just below "the little piggy that stayed home."  I kept thinking that t would be just my luck to find out I have a broken foot or something the day after I decide to due my first half marathon.  Hiroko and I both could feel some swelling around the bone at the base of my toe, so it wasn't a case of my imagination run amok.  However, I could still move the toe, didn't have any discoloration, and could put weight on it (with some pain).  I was pretty sure that this was a sprain because I've sprained several fingers in the past and they felt a lot like this.  But, just to be on the safe side, a trip to the doctor would be on the agenda for Wednesday morning rather than a trip to the gym.  The doc agreed that I most likely injured the toe when I rolled my ankle.  I may not have noticed at the time because the ankle was hurting worse or I could have aggravated the toe recently, either way, I was off for X-rays.  Luckily, the x-rays came back negative, so it will be more sprain treatment for my foot!  I know that I shouldn't run on my foot until it heals, but  . . . I also know that I can run on it . . . if I am careful and take some precautions. So, of course, I'll run on it until it is clear that I can't. 

Thursday morning I went to Plycore class in the morning and had a great workout.  45 minutes, tons of core work, but a good full body workout that didn't put a lot of stress on my toe.  My foot is still swollen, but I have started treating it with ice and elevation.  I want to try to avoid anti-inflammatories if I can, but if things done improve, I'll add them in as well.   


  1. Oh my, glad it's not broken, but sorry it's hurting you!

  2. Thanks, I was really glad that the x-rays came back a-ok!

  3. OUCH! I'm uber-happy it wasn't broken.