Monday, May 9, 2011

Wednesday 5/4: Lifting Legs -- Zombie Style

True Confessions of Greg:  I love Zombie Films!  Even before the recent revival of Zombie movies, I loved them!  My first Zombie movie was Night of the Comet (1984), one of the best B movies flicks of the 1980's.  Next was the classic Night of the Living Dead, which was set in Western Pennsylvania near where I grew up.  I remember how the story seem to strike home with me even more because I recognized the names of all the towns mentioned in the film, and I remember staying up till 3am to see 1990 remake during a free preview of HBO, while I was in high school.  If push came to shove and I had to name my all time favorite Zombie movie, I would go with Zack Snyder's remake of Dawn of the Dead.

So what does this have to do with running and working out you ask?  Well, last week I felt like one of the living dead!  On Wednesday, I went to the gym determined to lift legs.  I waited until after work to go because the mornings were indescribably horrific. By the end of the day, I felt alright enough to go or just too dumb to go home a rest (perhaps a bit of both).  I did make it to the gym around 6pm and did manage to lift legs, but I was CRUSHED!  That night I went to bed at 9:30pm and slept straight through until 7am, which I never do!  When I got up, I told Hiroko that I would be taking a sick day on Friday because despite the sleep, it was going to take everything I had to make it through Thursday.  I really can't remember every being that worn down without some form of illness playing a part in it.  But, Last week the only thing bothering me were my allergies.  Thursday and Friday were total rest days for my Zombified self.


  1. Good job listening to your body...although it sounds like it might have been screaming at you at that point.
    I also am a horror movie fan and dig the zombie niche. Still haven't seen Dawn of the Dead. Have you seen "The Undead" and Aussie take on zombies?

  2. Jessie, I have not seen it, but I promise I will have by the weekend! Got to love Netflix! The original Dawn of the Dead is a classic, but I am a huge Sarah Polley fan, and the acting is just better in the remake.