Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taking the Triumphs to Trails: 5/28

The heat and humidity are beginning to fray my nerves, and it is only May!  It has me wanting to sell all of my shit, set fire to what won't sell, pack up Hiroko and Basil and move somewhere that actually has four real distinct seasons.  Enough of the this "just cold enough to annoy", followed by "Green pollen hell" season,  then "summer?", then "wait you thought that was summer?  Fuck you, this is SUMMER!", Followed by "God Hates You ALL . . . Roast in the Fires of Hell", then "Summer lite", and then for about a week and a half . . ."Fall".  Perhaps, I am just a bit pissy because tomorrows high is going to be 97, which is just maddening. 

Ok, In actuality, Friday and Saturday weren't too bad because we got a lot rain, which kept the heat within reason.  Friday was my rest day, so Saturday morning I set out to break in my new Saucony Triumph 8's in a 15 wide.  I decided to do my regular 3.76 because I was breaking in some new kicks and because my last run hadn't left my with all that confident.  I got to the park just after 8am, which was later than I had hoped to start, but I hoped that the rain the day before would keep the temperature in check.  The trail was nice and soft and only a little sloppy in the place I would expect it to be.  My legs weren't feeling great, but weren't lifeless either. 

My new shoes for running in messy places

I did 3.76  in 43:29.22 for an 11:33 pace.  The first mile felt slow, and I would like to blame the dampness of the trail but just can't.  It took 12:05.33.  The heat was alright, but the air was really muggy.  It felt thick in my lungs and just seemed to cling to me.  I was sweating nearly the moment I began to run. 

Mile two is usually slower but the drop off wasn't bad  12:45.46.  Mile three got me off of the trails and on to the multipurpose road.  Also, it was mainly down hill so my pace quickened despite the fatigue setting in my legs.  Mile 3 took 10:38.25  My new Triumphs felt heavy compared to my old Ride 3'sthat were nice an broken in --  they had dome me well on the trails, so it will just be a matter of breaking them in.  Also, the Super Feet insole were new which made them feel a little less forgiving than I am normal.

The last .76 is all up hill, but I managed it fairly well.  It took  8:18 for 10:31 pace, which was really kind of good.  My legs seemed to be adjusting to the idea of running just as I was about to finish.  But, I was really glad to be done and avoid either the heat or more rain, one of which  or both were sure to come.


  1. Heh heh... I actually miss the relentless sun/summer now that I live somewhere that takes having seasons to epic new levels of annoying. 6 months of winter?!?!? F U MI!!!! Anyway, great on the run. :)

  2. 97 degrees today! It isn't even June yet. Six Months of winter sounds awesome to me at the moment! ;)

  3. I was giggling at your description of the depths of summer heat and humidity hell, but I am sorry because I'm from Indiana and know that it's crap. Does it help to get out really, really early?

    It's amazing how long it can take my legs to get warmed up sometimes. Glad you are breaking in those new kicks!

  4. Yeah, when I can get out around sunrise it is just downright pleasant. This heat just crept up on us so quickly that I just wasn't ready. Also, the park that I run in haven't adjusted their hours for the season yet; it doesn't open until 8am. I can park outside the gate, which is my intention this weekend! I am just not the biggest fan of NC in general, and the heat makes me just HATE living here!