Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sprained Toe Umstead Run: 5/14

Yes, I am just that dumb to run with a sprained toe!  Actually, it didn't really hurt to run.  I use Superfeet insoles in my shoes, which are a hard insole as opposed to the more common cushion insoles.  The Superfeet seemed to offer my feet a level of protection that eliminated a lot of the stress on my toe that I had been feeling just walking around the house.  I would even go as far to say that walking barefoot in the house was a lot more painful than running on the trails. 

I ran the same course that I had run last Sunday.  However, the ground was much softer do to a heavy rain the night before.  The softness of the ground made me go a bit slower over the first mile, which was mostly downhill.  I am really enjoying this new course and am pretty sure that it will be my new standard course for the next few months.  A nice thing about this course is that it will allow me to easily vary my distances and difficulty levels from week to week without limiting.

3.76 miles 41:32.67 for a 11:02 pace.

Mile 1: 11:29.73
Mile 2: 12:13.29
Mile 3: 9:36.31
.76: 8:10.34 for a 10:43 pace


  1. Wow, I hope you take it easy on that toe, but if you decide you just can't taper, then here's hoping the adrenaline will get you through your training!

  2. No bueno on the toe!
    Cool that your new route will offer variety and trail-y goodness : )