Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 23rd: Treadmill time

All I wanted to do on his day was run on the treadmill. I looked forward to it all day. I couldn't wait to turn on my I-pod and just and shutout the world for 30 mins. It's always a good run when I can just pick one thing in the room in front of me and just lock on to it. It can be anything from a spot on the wall to a locker key dangling from an exercise bike. It doesn't matter. Once, I am locked into it, my mind just shuts down, and I feel like my existence has been reduced to nothing more than an intense gaze. I'm at the edge of drifting off into nothingness and the only thing keeping me connected to myself is the intensity of my stare. When I get like this, it feels like the human body was designed for running, and I am fulfilling my purpose.

I got to this place today for a short time, not for the whole run but part of it, and that's really all that is need for it to be a really good day.

Treadmill: 5 mins 3.6, 10 mins 6.2, 5 mins 3.6, 5 mins 6.2, 5 mins 6.5

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